Don’t Know Code? You Can Still Build an App for the iPhone

This is an important stage in programming. About 12 years ago websites were liberated from the coders when more intuitive point and click ways of building sites became used widely. I would never have been able to build my first website, (it wasn’t very good) had I needed to know even simple HTML.

Now the same kind of thinking may change how applications are developed and who is doing the developing.

Apple is about to open a program to the world where everyday folks will be able to intuitively put functions together without knowing CSS. We’ll see what happens but every time programming becomes more simple and the tools of creation become less tedious there is a burst of interesting developments in the tech world.

Click here for the story.

And BTW it happened to music in the late 90s and I was a full participant in that revoltion of simplification. I actually wrote, produced, and performed an entire “album.” – Monteverde which I wrote over a decade or so ago after visiting Costa Rica. The only way I was able to make this music was because what had once been inpenatrable and expensive became relatively simple and nearly free with a powerful enough computer.

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