EU Commissioner Reveals He Will Simply Ignore Any Rejection Of ACTA By European Parliament

The battle for internet freedom continues on many fronts. The fight over ACTA in Europe has entered a new stage.


“In other words, De Gucht won’t accept the idea that the European electorate, through their representatives in the European Parliament, might possibly want to reject something they were not allowed to know about until late in the negotiating process, and to which they were unable to provide any meaningful input. In his view, ACTA must be passed, and ACTA will be passed — whatever anyone else thinks about it.”

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Can a decentralized electronic currency save the world’s economy? Maybe.

Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of the past 5 years. It is open source banking and can be used as an alternative currency to the world’s traditional (and increasingly suspect) currencies.

As the world economy grows increasingly unstable, bitcoin, in a small way may provide a pocket of resilience. Many people are hoping that it will serve as at least a partial safe haven.

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Is that a bikini you’re wearing? Google/Apple use “spy planes” to see everywhere.

Privacy is disappearing at an ever more rapid pace and we’d be wise to take a moment and think about where we are going with all of this. Though Google and Apple are private companies this seems a clear violation of one’s expectation of privacy. Our rights end where those of others begin, and vice versa. I should not have to concern myself with the idea that Google has an eye in the sky over my town.

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