If the US went carbon neutral tomorrow, China’s output would make up for it in 3.5 years

Tech planet Journal is project of The Future 500. The Future 500 works closely with Rich and Liz Muller on global warming issues and the best ways to address the challenge.

The most pressing issue as Dr. Muller sees things is that China and India already eclipse the USA in carbon footprint and will only continue to expand this footprint if fracking is not introduced on a wide scale in China.

They argue that we have the know-how and that on some scale we should help China develop this technology more fully.

We are well aware of the issues surrounding fracking, however, it increasingly looks like for the issue of global warming to be addressed fracking will have to be embraced. Solar, wind, and other renewables are too expensive for the market in the developing world for the most part. In the developing world they are complete pipe dreams. They are far too expensive. Aside from some very high profile bits of tech highlighted by the PRC very little Chinese energy comes from renewables – or will anytime soon. Fracking is the only viable option if we want to reduce global carbon output.

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A New “Digital Cold War” Emerges

Last week in Dubai, Russia, China, the Arab countries, and much of Africa voted to end the Internet as an international , free and open space. They have voted instead to allow for the partitioning of the Net, in an effort to keep information – and people well regulated.

(From PCMAG.com)

“The Internet Society came to this meeting in the hopes that revisions to the treaty would focus on competition, liberalization, free flow of information and independent regulation – things that have clearly worked in the field of telecommunications,” she said. “Instead, these concepts seem to have been largely struck from the treaty text.”

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Tech Trends Which Will Define 2013 (Assuming we avoid the Mayan Apocalypse)

Of course 2012 was supposed to be the year the TV remote died, and despite my voice activated XBox interface I still keep the remote in hand in those rare moments when I get to watch a bit of television.

Next year cars are supposed to become more automated. Design will become more “natural.’ And 3D printing will go mainstream.

We’ll see. I would argue that in the last few months 3D printing has made leaps into our collective consciousness.

Now if we could print a self driving car – that would be something.

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What is the Future of Farming?

How will we double the food supply? We’d better figure it out because the world population will likely double in this century.

Is the future in bioengineering? It’s going to be a big part of it to be sure. And it’s not as evil as it is often made out to be.

However, GMO foods have raised concerns over fertility, among other issues, which we are just beginning to understand.

Regardless, bioengineering may be worth the cost if the use of pesticides can be reduced and productivity increased for hungry peoples in the developing world.

Below is a bit of a commercial for bio-engineering from The University of California, but it is also a very good introduction to what is going on at the bleeding edge of agriculture.

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