How taxi cartels resort to desperate measures to kill innovation and save their crumbling industry.


Despite this latest effort by taxi companies to exploit a tragic accident caused by an Uber driver, the people (aka the market) have spoken.

People like calling up cabs on their phones. People like paying lower fares. People like having an account which is entirely online, and payment mechanisms which are also online. Uber is just a better product and the cab companies know this. That’s why they are fighting as hard as they are right now.

(From The Daily Beast)

In Seattle, traditional cabbies are also using Liu’s death in a campaign to convince the city council to require ridesharing drivers to purchase around-the-clock commercial coverage. At a heated public hearing late last month, the Kuang-Liu lawsuit was cited repeatedly as justification for such a policy. One taxi driver who testified was more candid about his motivations: “You guys need to take them off the street because they are taking our business, and we are fully regulated here.” The Seattle council, which is also considering capping the number of ridesharing vehicles permitted on the road, will release draft rules on February 14.

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