Why A Decentralized, Digital Economy Is A Magnet For Innovation

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Decentralized, open sourced economic action is the way forward. Instead of the centralized and highly hierarchical economic models of the 20th Century, the 21st Century (or at least much of the 21st Century) will be defined by organic and evolving economic activity.

It should always be remembered that the words eco – nomics and eco-logy have the same root (so to speak.)

For centuries we have warred against the nature of things. Perhaps this is just the way it had to be. Part of the evolution of consciousness. But increasingly this war is giving way to something new. A more organic, and in many ways a more sustainable economic model.

Instead of command and control, the economy is increasingly becoming crowd sourced and diffuse. The world economy is becoming even more dynamic, careers are becoming constantly evolving endeavors, the old adage that the only thing that doesn’t change is that change happens – is even more true now than it was yesterday. Change is here and it’s not going to stop.

In the midst of this constant change (and the implications for humanity can’t be understated) innovation will be the key to success. The ability to out think ones competitor, to collaborate effectively for shared goals and security, to provide better goods and services to one’s fellow humans will be rewarded as never before in human history. But being stationary will be punished as never before too.

Attached is an interesting article which examines some of these themes and how capital has moved in the past and is likely to in the future.

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