Bitcoin is here baby! And it mystifies many

Relatively early days.
Relatively early days.

I was talking with my wife the other day about how Bitcoin only 3 years ago was an obscure experiment engaged in by cyber-punks and anti-central bank people. It was really an anarchist effort (in the good sense of maximum freedom, not in the bad sense of throwing Molotov cocktails.) Totally on the fringes. It was $3 a Bitcoin back then. Now it’s $758.
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Military may soon be Google’s biggest customer

I am a big fan of Google generally. I think Gmail is a fantastic product, same for Google Earth, Google Translate, and many other programs I use all the time. Not to mention the search engine which continues to lead the pack. But the thought of Google partnering with the US military to create an army of “terminator-like” robot warriors (with taxpayer funds of course) should be of concern to just about everyone. At least it is for me.
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Forget Mega-Corporations, Here’s The Mega-Network

Network cc

Yes the brain implants are coming. One had better get used to this fact. But it probably won’t be put there by tech developed by a megacorporation. It is more likely that the chip will be developed by a small company working in some cases with other relatively small companies.

Giant corporations are slow to move and for the wealth associated with such firms (currently) smaller firms with access to capital and know-how, via networks, are a much more viable model in the dynamic economic ecosystem which envelops the world.

Of course then there’s Google.

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“One day a computer will fit on a desk” (Video from 1974)

I can remember walking with my father in the early 1980s through what were then considered “super computers.” And he said the same things that this fellow does in the video.

How amazing is the human mind? How amazing is technology? What fantastic things wait for us in the coming year? What new solutions? What new opportunities for achievement and mind expansion?

Of course there’s a flip side to all this but for the moment I’ve decided to focus on the positive.

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Quantum Computing Takes a Big Step Forward

I remember quantum mechanics from college. We learned about Schrodinger’s and his cat (I remember something about a cat being both alive and dead inside of the box at the same time.) And we learned about the ‘uncertainty principal” which holds that the more information one knows about one subatomic particle the less one knows about the other bits of both that particle and other particles within a particular atom (I think.) For 80 years subatomic physics has basically been a cosmological game of “whack-a-mole” with no chance of ever hitting the mole.

But we may be getting closer to getting one of those moles. Scientists at Yale have developed a method for observing subatomic particles. The science I know nothing about. It involves things called qubits. I leave the rest to the article.

From the sounds of it though, quantum computing may be about to make a well, quantum leap. Things could get real powerful, real fast, real soon. We’ll see.

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