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Mobil is transforming rural India, providing opportunities for hundreds of millions

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6 Years ago I worked with an organization called Openworld and we were concerned with helping people in places like rural Africa and Asia gain access to relatively inexpensive mobile tech tools which help actualize human potential.

Now it is possible to access almost all human knowledge with a few taps on an iPod. Entire curricula can be accessed by isolated schools in the bush. People with the general aptitude can lean advanced mathematics in places where there is no running water. Schematics for motorcycles can be downloaded, same for water pumps. We are just seeing the beginning of this thing.

Mobile tech is as important as the printing press was when it emerged for a large part of the human family. It may be even more important.

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The Mobile Phone Revolution In the Developing World

In the attached article the statistic is given that half of all of Nigeria’s web traffic comes from mobile phone use. I am surprised that this number is not higher.

In another life, only 3 years ago though, I was the Director of Outreach for the Openworld Institute, an organization dedicated to spreading innovation and smart business thinking in Africa, Latin America and in Asia. We were seeing the mobile phone trend then.

In developing countries smart phones have many advantages over even laptops. Most importantly they are easy to conceal. Unfortunately theft can be a real problem. Also phones are more easily charged in places where electricity can be infrequent. In some places solar phone chargers are the only way to go.

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Samsung launches solar schools in Africa

 Samsung Africa launched their portable, solar-powered classroom in Johannesburg in late October.


As technology advances throughout the modern world, it brings change and growth opportunities for developing countries in the field of education that can unite multinational corporations and their stakeholders in a drive to turn possibilities into reality. By broadening Internet access and boosting computer literacy even at the most basic education level, especially in developing countries, public and private sector stakeholders are contributing to increased future job readiness, self-sufficiency and geographically-tailored technological applications that all contribute to progressing development efforts.

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