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Want a Job? Learn how to work big data.

4 years ago I founded a small social media constancy. The idea was to manage the coming deluge of social media for businesses. Turned out to be a pretty good idea.

At first many businesses didn’t believe that social media was going to be as important as it has become. What seemed completely obvious to me was still not obvious to most businesses even into 2009. Then people began to wake up and the rest is history. Before I knew it I had Fortune 1000 companies emailing me. Companies which just 9 months before had no interest.

It has been a fascinating ride and one with many twists and turns.

Social media is by its nature a constantly evolving thing. This is one of 2 great challenges for businesses in today’s online world. Should a business spend time developing a Google+ presence? Many did. Not such a good idea, at this point. What about Foursquare? What happens if a company spends a million dollars on a social media engagement strategy only to have the environment turn on a dime?

The other great challenge is managing the crush of information which comes from doing social media well.

I can say from experience that this is a colossal task, and one that people have not yet figured out. So if you know how to run algos and know how to pick good trees from the forest, I suggest you look long and hard at a career in big data. It’s only going to get bigger.

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Cops Can Now Predict Future Crimes With New Software

The Minority Report takes one step closer to becoming reality.

The power of predictive algorithms is something society is going to have to come to terms with soon. Sure, right now the software is used to guide officers to “hot” areas based on a collection of recent variables. But what if we start using people as variables based on their racial or religious profile also? That doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to me.

In an age where there may be as many as 30,000 drones in the sky by 2020 according to the Department of Homeland Security, and in a world in which robots literally the size of mosquitos, which also fly like mosquitos, can be mounted with cameras, where do we draw the line? Do we draw the line. Can it be drawn?

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And just to freak you out a bit more, check out the quad-copter video below.