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Obama’s Greatest Challenge: A Jobs Policy for the Tech Age

It’s not just Obama’s challenge, it’s a challenge for the country and for the world. As more and more jobs are automated how will we as societies handle this? Will we rush to restrict commerce and development? To kill ATMs to save bank teller jobs? Let’s hope not as that would be a recipe for stagnation at best, complete economic disaster at worst.

We are going to have to be more nimble as workers. Things will be less permanent. We must accept this reality or we will fall behind our potential as a country, as a planet. Going retrograde on the job front is not the answer.

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A New “Digital Cold War” Emerges

Last week in Dubai, Russia, China, the Arab countries, and much of Africa voted to end the Internet as an international , free and open space. They have voted instead to allow for the partitioning of the Net, in an effort to keep information – and people well regulated.

(From PCMAG.com)

“The Internet Society came to this meeting in the hopes that revisions to the treaty would focus on competition, liberalization, free flow of information and independent regulation – things that have clearly worked in the field of telecommunications,” she said. “Instead, these concepts seem to have been largely struck from the treaty text.”

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Broadband crucial to businesses in rural Wales


Broadband a vital resource for business

Demand for IP telephony solutions could be set to increase in rural parts of Wales after an MP said broadband has become a vital resource for businesses in these areas.

Glyn Davies, who represents Montgomeryshire in the House of Commons, insisted that high-speed internet connections are “crucial” for firms based outside of the major towns and cities, BBC News reports.

However, he stressed that broadband is also important to the wider public and could help to boost entrepreneurship in rural communities.

“Good access to the internet is something that is going to be necessary to sell houses, to set up businesses and retain public services,” Mr Davies commented.

He was speaking after a report by telecoms regulator Ofcom revealed that broadband penetration in Wales is lagging behind many other parts of the UK.

Ben Underwood, director of the Country Land and Business Association in Wales, recently suggested that the scarcity of high-speed internet connections in rural communities is putting some firms off establishing themselves in these areas.