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Big Tech moves to counter the NSA on the lobbying front


The fight for policy is often fought along K Street not in the Capitol or in the White House. In Gucci Gulch the future of industries is worked out. Who gets government largess, who does not. Who gets what contract, who does not. Who gets surveilled and…

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What is the Future of Farming?

How will we double the food supply? We’d better figure it out because the world population will likely double in this century.

Is the future in bioengineering? It’s going to be a big part of it to be sure. And it’s not as evil as it is often made out to be.

However, GMO foods have raised concerns over fertility, among other issues, which we are just beginning to understand.

Regardless, bioengineering may be worth the cost if the use of pesticides can be reduced and productivity increased for hungry peoples in the developing world.

Below is a bit of a commercial for bio-engineering from The University of California, but it is also a very good introduction to what is going on at the bleeding edge of agriculture.

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