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Innovation Is the Only Way Forward

We at The Future 500 believe absolutely in the idea that innovation, constant innovation, is a key element to the 21st Century. Those who embrace the chaos of innovation and the the order of disorder will succeed, some beyond their wildest dreams. Those who do not will be left behind. This goes for countries, companies, and individuals. Create and think, or don’t. But the second option is not going to be a pleasant one.

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If the US went carbon neutral tomorrow, China’s output would make up for it in 3.5 years

Tech planet Journal is project of The Future 500. The Future 500 works closely with Rich and Liz Muller on global warming issues and the best ways to address the challenge.

The most pressing issue as Dr. Muller sees things is that China and India already eclipse the USA in carbon footprint and will only continue to expand this footprint if fracking is not introduced on a wide scale in China.

They argue that we have the know-how and that on some scale we should help China develop this technology more fully.

We are well aware of the issues surrounding fracking, however, it increasingly looks like for the issue of global warming to be addressed fracking will have to be embraced. Solar, wind, and other renewables are too expensive for the market in the developing world for the most part. In the developing world they are complete pipe dreams. They are far too expensive. Aside from some very high profile bits of tech highlighted by the PRC very little Chinese energy comes from renewables – or will anytime soon. Fracking is the only viable option if we want to reduce global carbon output.

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From lemons to lemonade: Reaction uses carbon dioxide to make carbon-based semiconductor

Potential energy game changers are popping up all over all over. This one looks particularly promising for a number of reasons.

(From Phys.org)

A materials scientist at Michigan Technological University has discovered a chemical reaction that not only eats up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, it also creates something useful. And, by the way, it releases energy.

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The challenges and best practices of pursuing low-carbon innovation


It’s been said often that, in the face of climate change, there is no silver bullet, only silver buckshot

Climate change—and efforts to mitigate it—are creating an increasingly uncertain future for businesses. The long-term effects of a warming climate are enormously difficult to predict. In the near term, however, new policies, technologies, and market preferences are already altering the competitive landscape of entire industries. That is creating opportunities for companies that effectively produce and manage low-carbon innovations in their markets—and threatening those that, by choice or circumstance, do not.

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2012 Plug-in Prius 100 mpg, $32,000 price tag


The good ole’ Prius. Toyota, instead of reinventing the wheel has made the logical next step. It will prove profitable.

 There is little doubt, even in the midst of a very slow economy, that Toyota will sell each and every one of these vehicles.

The price is reasonable, $32K, and it builds on hybrid technology that is tested on the road.

Americans know that the that the Prius will work, and for a long time. Unlike the Volt from Chevy the Prius needs no subsidy to be viable.(Though it will qualify for a $2500 tax credit it doesn’t need the credit to sell.) And unlike the Volt the Prius comes from a company that did not go bankrupt in the past 2 years.

If a $32,000 car can get 104 MPG, the Prius starts to transition from “vanity car” to just a plain old car. It becomes increasingly cost effective for the average consumer, not just the “green” consumer.

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