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Big Tech moves to counter the NSA on the lobbying front


The fight for policy is often fought along K Street not in the Capitol or in the White House. In Gucci Gulch the future of industries is worked out. Who gets government largess, who does not. Who gets what contract, who does not. Who gets surveilled and…

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Can’t pass the Cyber Security Act through Congress? Some would go other routes.

The concern is that the Executive Branch is simply declaring areas of the Internet to be under the control of regulators. We have a legislative process for this sort of thing I thought. Just because a piece of legislation doesn’t get through Congress (largely due to popular dissent) doesn’t mean one simply walks down Pennsylvania Avenue and gets the President to declare a regulation anyway. For all citizens of the Internet, this should be of very real concern.

(From Reuters)

The prospective order would give the agencies 90 days to propose new regulations and create a new cybersecurity council at the Department of Homeland Security with representatives from the Defense Department, Justice Department, Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Commerce, a former government cyber-security official told Reuters.

“It tells those who have the ability to regulate to go forth and do so,” said the person, who is currently outside the government and spoke on condition of anonymity in order to preserve access to government officials.

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