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Obama’s Greatest Challenge: A Jobs Policy for the Tech Age

It’s not just Obama’s challenge, it’s a challenge for the country and for the world. As more and more jobs are automated how will we as societies handle this? Will we rush to restrict commerce and development? To kill ATMs to save bank teller jobs? Let’s hope not as that would be a recipe for stagnation at best, complete economic disaster at worst.

We are going to have to be more nimble as workers. Things will be less permanent. We must accept this reality or we will fall behind our potential as a country, as a planet. Going retrograde on the job front is not the answer.

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How to Video Your Vote (And Not Get Arrested While doing it)

Many people plan on videoing their vote this year. In a free and open republic citizens should be able to document their vote for posterity. At least this is the opion of your editor.

However there are some states where breaking out your Android at the polling station will get you in hot water. Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia
are states where videoing is a no no.

Here is a step by step guide to documenting one’s vote- where it is legal.