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Change the Game: How a New Energy Alliance for Natural Gas and Digital Power Can Save the Environment and the Economy

Digital Energy is the energy freed up by information and communications technology.

It isn’t just incremental energy efficiency – the kind most environmentalists and businesses think of. It is potentially transformative, as my colleague Tachi Kiuchi and I hint at in our book, What We Learned in the Rainforest — Business Lessons from Nature.

Digital is the cheapest energy of all. Studies suggest that it can replace fossil fuels at a rate of 3 percent a year, possibly more. At that pace, it would drive down carbon intensity 75 percent by 2060. Combine that with a switch from coal to natural gas in electricity, and we could approach the drop in total carbon emissions scientists believe necessary in the U.S. — and we would have the support of the high tech and natural gas communities in doing it.

Click here for the piece in Huffpo.