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How taxi cartels resort to desperate measures to kill innovation and save their crumbling industry.


Despite this latest effort by taxi companies to exploit a tragic accident caused by an Uber driver, the people (aka the market) have spoken.
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Old School Taxi Companies Try to Shut Down Uber, Uber Fights Back in a New School Way

Uber is an innovative taxi service available in many major metropolitan areas in the United States. It’s a great service. One establishes an account online. When one needs a cab one need only access the mobile app on one’s phone. Boom a cab arrives. Plus payment is made through the online account so no need for credit cards or cash. Easy. Quick. Efficient.

However old taxi companies across the nation, often with strong connections to city hall, are fighting the innovation and convenience Uber brings. In it’s effort to stay alive Uber has started an online petition through Change.org.

If you haven’t used Uber, I encourage you to give it a try. If you are for innovation in the marketplace consider signing their petition.

Chicago Fights Innovation in Transportation, Sues Uber

Uber is a company that is increasing efficiency in the taxi business. Using a smart phone a potential rider can call for a taxi and pay for that taxi using an online account. Simple, easy, efficient. Many taxi riders absolutely love it.

However there are those – specifically the established taxi companies- who would prefer that Uber go away. As such these companies have mounted an effort to regulate Uber out of existance.

(From TechCrunch)

It’s no secret that Uber’s disruptive on-demand car and taxi service is ruffling the feathers of the taxi industry. It seems that in every city in which Uber launches, there’s legal pushback from the industry that the startup is disrupting. We’ve seen this in D.C., San Francisco, New York and Boston. Today, Chicago joins the mix, with a new lawsuit filed by a group of taxi and livery companies in Chicago.

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