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If the US went carbon neutral tomorrow, China’s output would make up for it in 3.5 years

Tech planet Journal is project of The Future 500. The Future 500 works closely with Rich and Liz Muller on global warming issues and the best ways to address the challenge.

The most pressing issue as Dr. Muller sees things is that China and India already eclipse the USA in carbon footprint and will only continue to expand this footprint if fracking is not introduced on a wide scale in China.

They argue that we have the know-how and that on some scale we should help China develop this technology more fully.

We are well aware of the issues surrounding fracking, however, it increasingly looks like for the issue of global warming to be addressed fracking will have to be embraced. Solar, wind, and other renewables are too expensive for the market in the developing world for the most part. In the developing world they are complete pipe dreams. They are far too expensive. Aside from some very high profile bits of tech highlighted by the PRC very little Chinese energy comes from renewables – or will anytime soon. Fracking is the only viable option if we want to reduce global carbon output.

Click here for the a video of Rich and Liz Muller discussing this issue.

Digital Energy May Prove the Cheapest Energy of All

How are we going to deal with the ever increasing energy demands of a growing global population?

As the developing world comes increasingly into the 21st Century, the demands of these people for a better way of life, what has been an energy intensive way of life, will only increase.

This (if nothing changes) will increase instability across the planet. Our world doesn’t need too much more of that.

Then how do we solve this problem? How do we make the good life available to hundreds of millions of new people without completely destroying everything?

The CEO of The Future 500 (of which TPJ is a part) Bill Shireman, thinks that at least part of the solution lay in innovation. We must do more with less. We must become more efficient to prosper in the 21st Century. This really is the only option.

Click here for THE NEXT ECONOMY by Bill Shireman.

California Is Now 5% Wind Powered.

That’s like a whole Vermont!

While the industry is still reliant on tax credits to a large extent, the milestone is a remarkable one. The equivalent of all of San Jose is going about it’s business, running it’s stoplights, illuminating it’s homes, because of wind.

Wind is the “workhorse” of renewable energy and costs are coming down. They are going to have to as the tax credits run out at the end of 2012.

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