Who Are We?

The Tech Planet Journal is a project of Future 500, a non-profit that brings together frequent adversaries – corporations and social activists – to advance systemic solutions to the problems that divide them.

The Tech Planet Journal’s board advisors are Future 500 board members P. K. Agarwal and John Perry Barlow. Agarwal is the former Chief Technology Officer for the State of California, a technology sage who now heads TIE, a global alliance for tech entrepreneurship. Barlow, an Internet rock star for a generation, is a technology commentator, prognosticator, and poet, long-time lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Tech Planet Journal’s online editor is Nick Sorrentino, a former investment adviser, now a writer and political consultant dedicated to advancing freedom through social media and the Internet. His work has been featured at NPR.org, Reason.com, BigGovernment.com, TownHall.com, Brokerworld Magazine, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. He is the co-founder of Against Crony Capitalism.

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